Heidi's Farmstand & Bakery
(616) 897-6707
11999 Cascade Rd. Lowell MI

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"The Three Little Pigs"

Heidi's Corn Maze.  "The Three Little Pigs:

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Corn Maze Hours
Mon - Thurs
10 am - 5 pm
Fri - Sat
10 am - 6 pm
Over pass bridge
The Corn Maze is still open
The Corn Maze is 10 acres and contains two separate mazes.  The first part of the maze is a wolf and is made so that children can complete it in 15 to 20 minutes. The second part of the maze is much larger and contains the outline of the three little pigs. In the larger maze there are 5 flags with punches.  If you are able to get all the punches you will receive a free 8oz Cider Slushy.  In addition, there are 3 bonus punches if you find the 3 houses of the little pigs.  If you find all 3 of the bonus checkpoints, you upgrade to a free 12 oz Cider Slushy!


$ 6.00 per person
$ 4.00 per Child (3-13)
$ 25.00 per family
Children under 3 are free.  Parents are free in the children's maze.

Corn maze sign at NightThe Maze "After Dark"

The corn maze is not open at night in November without group reservations.

Other Instructions

Wear clothing appropriate for the weather and activities.  Wear long pants and a coat if necessary.  Keep in mind that you will be walking through a field so wear comfortable walking shoes, not flip-flops, crocs, or any other open toed shoes.


Corn Maze patrons, please park in the indicated grass parking area and leave the gravel drive in front of the market available.