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2017 Corn Maze - Jack and the Beanstalk
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Heidi's Corn Maze is 10 acres in size and contains two mazes for different challenge levels. The Junior Maze is the portion of the maze that is the cottage where Jack and his mother lived. It is designed for children to complete in 15-20 minutes. The Large Maze is the beanstalk, stack of coins, harp, giant, and his castle. It takes 45 minutes to walk thru and up to 1.5 hours to complete the accompanying (optional) game. 

Large Maze Game
Five characters from the story "Jack and the Beanstalk" are hidden in the large maze. A hole punch is at each station. Punch your card as you find each character. Redeem your completed punch card for a free 8 oz. Cider Slushy in the Farmstand!
*BONUS: Also hidden in the maze are the 3 items Jack brought down the beanstalk from the giant's castle. Find and punch all 3 items (in addition to the 5 characters) and upgrade to a free 12 oz. Cider Slushy!
*Punch cards are provided upon paying maze admission.

Junior Maze Activity
Hidden in the Junior Maze are 5 white posts. The top of each post has a picture of an item from the story "Jack and the Beanstalk". Use the crayon at each post to do a rubbing on the paper and fill in the missing words from the story. If you complete all 5 rubbings, bring your completed paper into the Farmstand for a sticker!
*Crayon rubbing papers are provided upon paying maze admission.

$6.00 per Adult
$4.50 per Child (ages 3-13)
$25.00 per Family

Children under 3 are free.  Parents are free with their children in the Junior Maze.

Corn maze sign at NightThe Maze "After Dark"
The corn maze will be open every Friday and Saturday night in October. You can enter the maze until 9 pm. Doing the maze during the day is a lot of fun, but going through it at night adds a whole new element to the fun! Our maze is family friendly so there is nothing "haunted" about our night maze. Bring a flashlight and enjoy the challenge!

Corn Maze Rules
• Stay on paths - don't cut through the corn
• No running
• No picking corn
• No throwing corn
• No alcohol or smoking
• No littering
• No bad or foul language
• Respect other maze patrons
• Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult
• No pets

Other Instructions
Wear clothing appropriate for the weather and activities. Wear long pants and a coat if necessary. Keep in mind that you will be walking through a field so wear comfortable walking shoes (not flip-flops, crocs, or other open-toe shoes).

Before entering the maze, please park in the indicated grass parking area to leave the paved lot in front of the market available for other customers.

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2007 - "Heidi's Stand" - second corn maze
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