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Three BIlly Goats Gruff

Drone Picture

The 2015 corn maze is cut! We look forward to opening the maze in September.  The theme for 2015 is "Three Billy Goats Gruff". Check back for updates and new pictures.  Here are some early pictures taken with a drone.


A look back at the previous corn mazes at Heidi's

Click on the pictures for full resolutions.  There are also links to alternative pictures.  Please lets us know if there are other pictures available or if you have one.

2014 Corn Maze - Charlottes Web - Late November 2014

Link to google map image

2014 "Charlottes Web" Cornmaze

2013 "The Three Little Pigs" - 2013 Google View

2013 "The three Little Pigs" Corn Maze

2012 "The Cow Jumped over the Moon"
2012 "The Cow Jumped over the Moon"

2011 "Old  Mcdonalds Farm" - bing map image2013 "Old McDonalds Farm"

2010 "Who Cried for Pie" - Google earth image
2010 "Who Cried for Pie"

2009 "The Little Red Hen" - Google Earth image
2009 "The Litte Red Hen"

2008 "The Pumpkin Vine" - We did not take an overhead image in 2008. This is from google earth.
2008 "The Pumpkin Vine"

2007 "Heidi's Stand" - second cornmaze
2007 "Heidis Stand"