Heidi's Farmstand & Bakery
(616) 897-6707
11999 Cascade Rd. Lowell MI

Heidi's Farmstand and Bakery will remain open through Christmas Eve!
Squash, Apples and Pie
As the season move into late fall the market is ready to supply all of your cravings and make your Thanksgiving dinner great. Heidi's is full of delicious fall vegetables, fresh picked brussel sprouts, acorn squash and many more. Check the in season vegetable page for more detail. In Season Vegetables

Butternut & Kabacha SquashApple harvest is wrapping up, but we will keep a full selection in the market until close.  Heidi's will have Honeycrisp apples for several more weeks.  A list of varieties available is available on the in season fruit page.

In addition to the fruits and vegetables the bakery is running everyday Heidi's is open.  Donuts, muffins, pies, and bread all baked daily.  The staff at Heidi's is always ready to take your orders.
Keep an eye on the facebook page for daily updates.


Mon. 6:30am- 6pm
Tue. 6:30am-6pm
Wed. 6:30am-6pm
Thur. 6:30am-6pm
Fri. 6:30 am- 6pm
Sat. 7am -6pm

Closed Sun.